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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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Mr. Elken Gondea

“The year of Emperor Penguin”

Generally, penguins are very interesting. They live on the ice. They have wings. But, their wings are too short to enable them fly. They just walk on the ice. They are very strong and stable. The life style of penguins is unique. They survive extremely low temperature and snowstorms. They walk miles to reach the seawater so that they can swim and catch fishes and eat. They walk back and take care of their eggs.

Best lessons we can learn from Penguins:

  • Never give up
  • Be responsible
  • Share your duty equally
  • Be precise in your duty
  • Focus on your work

As the Emperor Penguin circulatory system adjusts to conserve or release body heat to maintain body temperature, we must adjust to our environment and community in order to lead a healthy life.

The Emperor Penguins also rely on vocal calls to locate their mates and chicks among thousands of birds; seemingly here at AISM, we do have our slogan we rely on to ensure we are together in unity and strength…. “THIS IS”!!!!  …. “AISM”

Nurse G

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Mr. Randulf Barrosa

The year of the Emperor Penguin.

Penguins are very unique.

Emperor penguins have the upright and regal bearing that their name suggests. They take the dinner-jacketed formality of all penguins to its highest level and though they are able to be as awkward, gawky and get as dirty as other penguins, they shake it all off and stand up to regain their dignity The only place you will find the Emperor Penguin is in Antarctica, they survive in such harsh conditions, they are able to manipulate their bodies in order to adapt to the environment. They can be completely functional at levels with low oxygen, they have solid bones, they can slow down their metabolism when necessary, and even shut down all non-essential bodily functions for a period of time.

That is who I am, I am a Penguin, I have a solid bone, able to work and assist in any condition.

Randulf Barrosa

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Ms. Lovetta Karyeah

“When you enter this loving school, consider yourself one of the special members of an extraordinary family"

This is one of the first things you see when you arrive at AISM as it is displayed on one of our many welcome bulletin boards.

Welcome to the year of the Mountain Zebra!  I am Mrs. Lovetta Qualah and I am honored to be the Administrative assistant / Admissions office this year to give you all the support needed as we continue to learn, change, adapt and transform! Here at AISM, family is what we are.  Like the mountain zebra's unique pattern of black and white stripes; each of us (students, teachers, parents, support staff) possess unique qualities that makes AISM the vibrant school it is.

I look forward to working together as a team for a successful and exciting school year.

This is….. AISM

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Mr. Arun Gopalan

Mr ArunWelcome to the Year of the Mountain Zebra!

AISM is growing bigger and bigger! When you are joining our family, we promise that we will explore our 10-year experience to provide your students with the best academic program you can find. Welcome to our special family. For all your questions regarding tuition, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is…. A.I.S.M!!!

Ms. Felecia Weeks

Head of Custodial Services. Ms. Weeks has been with AISM since the school opened in 2007.

In addition to knowing EVERY single member of our school community, Ms. Weeks works to ensure that all our classrooms are cleaned, all our bathrooms are sanitized, and her crew of five custodians are working well to make our 70 hectare campus look and be at it's best.

Mr. George Sando

George SandoHead of Maintenance. Mr. Sando has been with AISM since it opened in 2007, he has helped the school to double in it's present size and student population.

Reports to: School Director

Job Functions: Keep the lights on (generator), and keep the water flowing (School Well) in addition to making sure all the school air conditioning units, gates, doors, light fixtures and everything else is working optimally.

Mr. Sando does the work behind the scenes allowing our community to work together to focus on our students education.

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