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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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Now Printing in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the 2017-2018 AISM Yearbook!

In 2012, AISM, in the Year of the Butterfly, left its cocoon to soar to New Heights! In 2013, we worked together during the Year of the Horse to help our students make measurable academic progress; then in 2014, during our Year of the Chameleon, we adapted and transformed to assist our students in meeting challenging new environments. In 2015, our teachers maneuvered and adapted to meet your students where they were at, during the Year of the Swallow. Last year, we became accredited (for the first time since 1989!!), as we welcomed the Year of the Emperor Penguin, and as AISM continued to evolve to meet the overall needs of our student population.

This year… in the Year of the Mountain Zebra, although we may have been small in numbers, we were resilient, and together we faced potential external challenges head on, ensuring that each and every member of our community was both prepared, and safe, in the event that we found ourselves on rugged terrain. Luckily, during the Year of the Mountain Zebra, we were firm-footed.

The challenges that we have faced since we first left our cocoon, six years ago, have given us plenty of opportunities to learn, change and transform, and now, maneuver and expand to meet our students’ individual learning needs.

This year’s yearbook, which is being printed today in Burkina Faso, is a clear reflection of the growth and progress that our students, and our school, have made during the journey that we have undertaken together, as a community, over the last ten months.

Thank you to the Yearbook Committee for your extensive work “behind the scenes, to bring our yearbook to life”. The yearbooks should be here in the next few days. A teaser is attached, and information on yearbook sales will be provided once the yearbooks are on the AISM Campus!  

We anticipate having them next week, in time for our Mountain Zebra Zenith End of Year Performances and Awards. The performance program and afternoon times for next Friday's event will be sent out tomorrow.

The price for each yearbook will be determined by the shipping costs, and shared when the yearbooks are "en route" to the American International School of Monrovia.

Have a great afternoon,

This is ..... A.I.S.M!


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