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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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3 weeks and 3 days:

With just under a month remaining in our “Year of the Mountain Zebra”, there is still much teaching and learning to be done at the American International School of Monrovia.  I would like to give a special shout out to the 60% of the parents, and 100% of the teachers who completed the Board Survey.  The overall participation of our community in these surveys is a strong indicator of why our students’ MAP testing was outstanding.  A strong home-school partnership is essential for overall student success.  Both, the survey participation along with the MAP results, show that this component is firmly in place. The MAP results for the year can be found on our GDPR-modified website: https://www.aismonrovia.com/directors-messages/365-director-s-message-no-217

Over the last few weeks, I have received many great questions, from our parent community, about our next school year. I would first like to extend my appreciation to our proactive parent community, for using “quality communication” and addressing these concerns directly and personally with me. Some questions – and answers are:

  • What is the theme for next year? This will be decided the first week of August, as is tradition!!
  • Who are the teachers who will be entering our community next year? https://www.aismonrovia.com/directors-messages/387-director-s-message-no-225
  • Will the “Cantina” sell school supplies from North America next year? Yes!
  • What is the projected school-wide enrollment for the American International School of Monrovia for 2018-2019? At present: 93
  • What is the name of the end of the year performance on June 15th? The Mountain Zebra Zenith
  • What is the anticipated program for the Mountain Zebra Zenith?

1. What are the awards that will be given at the Mountain Zebra Zenith?

  • Presidential Award of Academic Excellence. 
  • Presidential Award of Academic Achievement. 
  • Citizenship Award from the Presidential Award program. 
  • There will be additional awards provided by specialist teachers, and homeroom teachers.

2. When is the ECE III Graduation? It will be on Monday, June 18th, at 2:30pm, in the SPR.

3. … And the question both, my wife and myself, have heard the most during the last month is … are you leaving the American International School of Monrovia community in 2019?  Not quite yet! On December 26, 2017, my wife and I agreed to the “optional year” of my present contract; our departure will be in June of 2020. The Board of Trustees and I feel that this one-year adjustment will assist both, them (as the School Board) and also the Trudeau family, in finding our best future matches; while also better positioning the Board, our School, and our community for a successful transition to the “post Trudeau era.”

Have a blessed Memorial Day, and looking forward to a solid conclusion to my sixth (of what will be eight) year tenure at the American International School of Monrovia.

Let's finish the year -- like we started -- STRONG!


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