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AISM Parents,

This week, students taking French in Grades 2 – 10 received the results of the very first Avant STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) test in West Africa, provided for French Language Learning and Growth.

Please note that we gave the test before the break, as it takes up to 72 hours to process the results. This assessment is designed as a “DIAGNOSTIC” tool. It will help us assist your students in their areas of growth, see their progress, and understand the areas that still need to be mastered in the French language.

One other quick note: we have been using the Spanish MAP test since the start of the school year. This is done, once again, to help our teaching team know the areas that our students need to focus on.

AISM was determined this year to be the "first school in the region" to administer this test so we can "see where our students are in their French acquisition”, and later on, when we test again, to measure their progress in French over time.

Just like the MAP test, STAMP is an adaptive test “designed to adjust to a student’s level so s/he is challenged, but not overwhelmed”. Students are exposed to real-world questions and are tested in four different sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

The results for most students were sent home this week. If you have any questions, please contact your French teacher for an individual meeting.

For more information on the test, you may visit the website at: https://avantassessment.com/about

Next year, we will complete our “world language” circle, and offer the STAMP Arabic test, to make sure that all our students are progressing in the second language of their choice (Spanish is only presently offered in Upper School).

We are looking forward to using STAMP again, to “assess” our students in their second language, and to help students learn and teachers teach!


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