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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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March 12th, 2018

Trimester II Term Completion Countdown!

  1. MAP Testing in Reading and Math: Results to be sent home tomorrow.  CHECK!
  2. Report Cards will be available for viewing on Jupiter on Monday, March 19th: Start of Trimester III
  3. Culture Day Preparations.  CHECK!     ... Doing some cooking now!  -- Come with a big appetite!
  4. Ready for Trimester II – 3-Day Recess: CHECK!
  5. New Entrance Sign to the School: CHECK

!MAP Testing Results Tomorrow:

Tomorrow afternoon, your students’ MAP results will be sent home with them. When reviewing and discussing your students’ progress (over the extended Trimester II break), please keep in mind:

  • MAP tests are individualized measures of performance in Reading, and Math. Tests are taken on the computer, and the results help teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students. The results help us work together to make informed decisions that promote your students’ academic growth.
  • MAP tests are adaptive, which means that the test is designed to target each student’s academic performance. These tests are tailored to each student’s current achievement level. The computer adjusts the difficulty level of the questions as the test progresses.  Therefore, each student takes a unique test. The assessment also has a standard deviation variable, which lets us know if the student is “disengaged”, and if the test results are valid.  
  • As parents, and as teachers, our primary focus is on the “blue” line, which shows your student’s individual growth. Students’ growth per grade level is also captured in the chart below.

A final note, as we wrap up the Trimester, with our annual Culture Day performance and Feast: this year, we have 25 nationalities (and 15 counties that represent our host country of Liberia); we want to take a quick moment to thank our entire parent community who has volunteered in numerous ways:

  • Flag Bearers
  • Parents assisting with Food and Drinks
  • Parents helping to organize the “Feast of Nations”
  • Arriving 15 minutes early to hear from the PTA about Family Fun Day in April

Best wishes, and special appreciation for working with us to wrap up the second Trimester. I am look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I then look forward to seeing a very well rested community on Monday, March 19th, for the start of Trimester III.


Important Dates:

  1. MAP Test (Reading and Math) Results sent home: TOMORROW.
    10:45                         PTA DISCUSSES “BIG FUN FAIR!”
    11:00                         STUDENT PERFORMANCES
    11:15                         PARADE OF NATIONS
    12:00                         “FEAST OF NATIONS”
    2:30                           Early Trimester Dismissal
  3. AISM TRIMESTER II RECESS:  Wednesday, March 14th – 16th.  
  4. Start of Trimester III, Monday, March 19th. Report Cards for Trimester II sent by Jupiter learning portal at5:00pm.

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