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AISM Parents,

Yesterday, I sent a note home about our students' growth and development. After which, during our faculty meeting, several teachers reminded me -- "why don't you communicate about the school’s overall growth and development?"

As you know, we have some great teachers, and they have some great points. To that end:

AISM School Growth and Development.

The months of February and March are often the time when both Directors and teachers have their meetings and professional development workshops to assist their schools in moving forward.

This month, in addition to the conference I attended in New York, we sent two staff members to gain professional knowledge in order to assist the school in the areas of blended learning and higher-level school admission protocols.

Yesterday, Ms. Serdia Holcombe returned from a blended learning conference in Dakar.

In her report to the Director regarding the conference, Ms. Holcombe reported: "The blended learning conference took place at the International School of Dakar. Participants came from Nigeria, Gambia, Tanzania, Ghana, and Senegal, and of course here in Liberia (with my participation).

According to the Blended learning.org website, “blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns in part online, with some element of control over the time, place, path, or pace of their learning. Online learning offers individual data, timely feedback, and flexible pathways. Technology opens up a world of opportunities and allows students to reach beyond the classroom.”

As we expanded into Grade 10 this year, we have implemented one online course, to ensure college readiness, and to match our program with a course that students did not take in Grade 9. When you bring in multiple students from multiple schools, blended learning allows for schedule flexibility to make sure that all students are meeting their high school course requirements.

In addition, our students need to be independent learners and responsible for their own education. Online learning is going to be very much part of their future learning process. 

We anticipate that as we plan our program next year, both enrollment and prior learning experience of our Grade 10 cohort will determine how much of our Grade 10 program will be “blended” each year.

In addition to Ms. Holcombe’s conference last weekend, … this weekend, Ms. Lovetta Karyeah will be attending a school admissions conference in Nairobi.

As per Ms. Karyeah: "I will be attending the AISA Leadership Conference (ALC 2018) Strategic Thinking, Strategic Action, March 2nd - 4th, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference program offers deep learning experiences for everyone in school leadership.

I will be doing a two-day “deep dive” with an expert facilitator and like-minded front office members that will focus on Developing Excellence in Admissions and Enrollment.

The session promises to be extremely interactive and will provide opportunities for me to learn form other admissions officers, explore and understand the full potential of how, together, we can influence the growth and advancement of AISM.

Some Highlighted Learning Objectives are:

  • Have forged a positive and supportive community of professionals in person and online.
  • Have skills to examine our admissions policies and practices, and identify changes and improvements, to ensure that we are attracting students who can thrive in our unique educational environment.
  • Develop an action plan to bring back to AISM in order to develop excellence in admissions and enrollment, while making sure every prospective parent is fully aware of what our school and our robust program offer.
  • Have explored how to put the mission on the school at the center of our admissions practices. 
  • Have considered how to think about telling the school's story through marketing, how to use admissions data to inform marketing strategies and how to attract and enroll mission - aligned families.

This is a great opportunity for me and I can't wait to use these skills for the improvement of AISM."

Please note that for these learning opportunities, for both Ms. Holcombe and Ms. Karyeah, the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) has provided us with partial scholarships to help assist us, as a small school, in attending these events.

We are very fortunate to be a full member of AISA, as they, and other external stakeholders, continually assist the American International School of Monrovia and our staff in ongoing professional development. This helps us guarantee that even though we are a small school – we are still able to do BIG THINGS!!!


  • March HLP begins today: HLP for March in “School News”
  • Culture Day: March 13th, 2018

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