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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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AISM Parents,

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a well-deserved and relaxing winter vacation break. Thank you for partnering with us for the first part of the 2017 – 2018 “Year of the Mountain Zebra”. We look forward to continuing our academic journey with you on Monday, January 8th.

The school will be on “winter holiday” hours from 10:00 – 2:00 each day, starting on Tuesday, December 19th – Friday, January 5th.

On Monday, January 8th, the school will initiate the following program to further enhance your students’ educational experience here at the American International School of Monrovia.

Based on the recent survey of our parent community regarding food service at The American International School of Monrovia, it is clear that this is a service that would benefit our school community.

The school will therefore begin with a Food Service Program (FSP) through the Café Royal, based in the lobby of the Royal Grand Hotel.

The food program will reflect and respect the needs of the student body, while celebrating its diversity, with a focus on fresh whole foods, sourced locally.

The FSP* will be a monthly-based LUNCH PROGRAM, and cash-based SNACK PROGRAM, available to students, starting from EYP to Grade 10. The meals will be prepared at the Café Royal site, with an emphasis on fresh, healthy food.

Café Royal would like to do a Trial run on Monday, January 8th, for all students and teachers, free of charge. You won’t need to pack a lunch on that day!

The January menu and snack options, from the Café Royal, will be available shortly.

From everybody here at the American International School of Monrovia, best wishes for an enjoyable winter break. See you in 2018!


Reminder: the AISM After School Activity Program will recommence on Tuesday, January 16th, with new programming options for your students.

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