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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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November 9, 2017

Trimester 1 Conclusion/MAP Testing/After School Activity Program Election Period Hiatus

AISM Community,

It is hard to believe that next week on Friday, November 17th, one third of the "Year of the Mountain Zebra" will be completed.

This has been a busy, and transformational year, as the American International School of Monrovia continues to focus on consistent school improvement, and the quality of our students’ educational program. This year, we are pleased to have implemented our Jupiter Online Portal, which can be used for a blended learning protocol, teacher-parent and teacher-student communication, along with an online gradebook, and producing trimester report cards.

Please note that we will be providing Trimester 1 report cards by the Jupiter portal. AISM will send an SMS on the week of November 20th, announcing when they are available for viewing. Report cards will only be printed and signed at the end of the school year, or when a student is transferring from AISM. This year, you need not worry about report cards getting “lost” before reaching home!

Next week, students will also be taking our “Measure of Academic Progress” (MAP) assessment. It will allow our teaching team to help measure your students’ academic progress, and identify both their areas of strength and improvement. This assessment also allows us to make “real time” adjustments to our academic program to ensure that we are meeting your (and all our) students’ needs.

Homeroom teachers will be sending out the MAP testing schedule tomorrow. Please bear in mind that this is a flexible and adaptive computer-based test; all that is needed is a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast to help ensure our students are focused and ready for the assessment. This is not a test you can “study” for, as it is used to measure long-term student growth.

Below is an example of a student who has taken the test since the school introduced it in 2013.

Finally, as we are all aware, the Liberian Election Cycle has not concluded.  Yesterday, during our staff meeting, we had a team discussion on how best to take the ASAP program off the Election Cycle Hiatus. Some points that were raised:

  • There will be four weeks left of the program until Christmas Break.
  • Due to an increase in traffic, both in the morning and afternoon, students might not make it home at a reasonable hour, and they are already getting up earlier than before to compensate for morning traffic.
  • The school will be hosting a 10th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, December 8th from 3:00 – 4:30.
  • What happens to the fees that were paid for cooking class, or other classes, if parents do not wish to continue the first part of our ASAP Program for the final month

We reached the conclusion that a parent survey would be sent out. If 50% of our parents would like the program to restart, our team is ready and happy to do so!  It would then resume on Monday, November 20th, to avoid interfering with the MAP testing and the end of the Trimester Activities.

Please reply to the three-question survey (sent out from the Front Office this afternoon) by Monday, November 13th.

This will allow us to determine if you and your students wish to participate in all, or part, of the After School Activity Program. With over 25 scheduled activities, students have the opportunity to excel in areas outside of the classroom. Regardless of when the program resumes, all parents who paid any fees and who do not wish to continue with the program, for traffic-related reasons, will be reimbursed 50% of the fees they paid toward the next scholastic order.  

The Halloween Scholastic order has arrived to our freight forwarder in Maine, and will be shipped out early next week. Special thanks to Ms. Melissia McGraw who had the foresight to align us with the U.S. Scholastic System. Ms. McGraw pointed out, during our Library upgrade year, that by working with U.S. Scholastic, we are able to offer our parents both cheaper prices and books aligned with our school reading standards. She also specified that we get more “points” with Scholastic U.S.  In this first order, we have enough points to add 200 new books to our student Library!

As you can see by this email, if you made it this far, indeed it has been a busy and successful first Trimester of school.

Have a great afternoon. School will be in session tomorrow.


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