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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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Everybody talks about the traffic, but nobody does anything about it. Well, we get to “experience it” until the conclusion of the election cycle.

AISM Parents,

The above statement is not entirely true; we are taking steps, as a school, when possible, to try to mitigate the effect of traffic and the transit time that it takes you and your students to get to and from the American International School of Monrovia campus each day:

  • We dismissed early on Thursday, and with your help and assistance, all students      were home by 4:00pm.
  • We will continue to have our dismissal egress each afternoon at 3:30. The After School Activity Program will continue its election cycle hiatus for two more weeks.
  • We will continue to have staff, and food and water in reserve, until the very last student is picked up each afternoon.
  • As announced last month, this year, the American International School of Monrovia has adopted the Jupiter Online Blended Learning protocol. This was put in place in the event that traffic congestion, during this year’s election period, makes transport to the school challenging and/or inaccessible.

Once again, we expect some additional program disruptions over the next two weeks, as the election cycle concludes. First and foremost will be traffic. Please plan to leave a little earlier in the morning, as we have noticed (and we are sure you have too) significant delays in the morning commute.  

To help compensate for lost instructional time during this election period, the Lower School Team has added additional instructional minutes to some of their multi-age mastery-based flexible learning groups.   

This afternoon, the Upper School Team will also meet to discuss different strategies to proactively put in place to compensate for any potential loss of instructional time.

However, as always, when it comes to traffic, the best strategy is to plan and prepare for it, over the next two weeks.


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