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American International School of Monrovia: RESPECT Award!

Here, at the American International School of Monrovia, we use the RESPECT framework for teaching good character. Our framework is composed of seven ethical values (characteristics) that many American International Schools use for best practice: Responsibility, Effort, Self-Control, Positive Attitude, Effective Communication, Cooperation, and Tolerance.

Each of the seven character traits is used with our educational program, to help instill a positive learning environment for our students, in order to make our school a safe place where students are eager to come to school and learn; even the week before the elections!

This month we celebrated Responsibility! Some Characteristics include:

Do what you are supposed to do!
Plan Ahead!
Be Diligent!
Do your best!
Be accountable for your words, actions and attitude!

Congratulations to all our winners who have been responsible and proactive during the first six weeks of our school year.

Pictures of the winners are below.  As always, we celebrate these character traits with the students’ parents. As parents, you are your students’ first and most important teachers!!!

Two notes follow the photos of our students who EARNED the Student of the Month for RESPONSIBILITY.

Next Month:  EFFORT

Two notes:

1.    Effective today: After School Activities will be on hiatus until after the election period. All students are dismissed at 3:30 (15:30) promptly, until the election cycle is complete.
2.    Student Insurance Card (valid ONLY when SCHOOL is in session) for ASPEN medical clinic will be sent home with your student today.   The school representative from IMG health insurance will be here at the end of the Month to explain our emergency in-school medical program to you in more detail.

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