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AISM Parents,

Effective Communication: AISM Safety Manuals on Website.

As many of you may have heard from your students, we held a Lockdown III (fall back room) drill on Friday morning. The Crisis Management Team, and I, felt after a month of school (and with rain preventing us from conducting our normal fire drill, per the drill schedule), that we needed to ensure our students had proper training in the event of an unexpected lockdown of the AISM facility.

Our school Crisis Management Team is pleased to report that our teachers were well trained, students understood the objective of the exercise, and our security team of Liberian National Police and Segal Security reacted perfectly. We even had a late parent get “locked in” with us. Parents, please note that if you are on campus during a drill, you will be a participant in the exercise.

We did identify a few areas that need to be tweaked, and the Crisis Management Team will make the necessary adjustments.

All of our safety manuals and procedures are on the website and are public documents that may be accessed by any member of the school community. The procedures are reviewed and revised annually, but may be updated as necessary throughout the school year.

This document outlines procedures and practices for managing emergency situations that may arise during the course of the school year. We publish the document to make sure that we have effective communication.  Effective communication is a dual proposition, and as parents, you play a vital role, in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our procedures.  Please look over the information in our safety manual tab on the website, as we need you to make an effort to stay well informed about our school.

The purpose of the safety protocol is to provide the American International School of Monrovia with guidelines and plans to assist the administration, staff, parents and community, in responding to school-specific and/or local emergency situations. The emergency procedures address the following areas:  Communication; Emergency Preparation; Procedures and Drills; and School Closure.

Our protocols take into account any reasonably foreseeable emergency or disaster that would affect the safety of the children, members of the staff and the assets of the school. In a serious crisis, the response must be swift and sure to avoid confusion and panic.  Personnel in the school are expected to act quickly and responsibly.

Our drill, last Friday, was conducted with the understanding that the chances of a person remaining calm and rational during a crisis are dramatically increased with proper preparation.
One of two final notes, we do have a seasoned, and prepared, Crisis Management Team at The American International School of Monrovia. The team consists of:

If you have any questions after reviewing our protocols, please let any of us on the team, or your homeroom teacher, know.

Also, today and tomorrow, we will hold our After School Activity Program (ASAP) as scheduled. Next week, our After School Activity Program will go on hiatus, and we will have a full school dismissal at 3:30, allowing one point of egress for our students. The ASAP program will restart at the conclusion of the election cycle, and run (with the program scheduled unchanged) to our “winter” recess.

Jeff Trudeau
On behalf of the Crisis Management Team

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