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Dear Parents,

Last Friday, during our Emergency Closure Virtual School Drill, the teachers and I discovered some gaps and we recognized that we needed to coordinate a “common practice” for our Jupiter Online Learning protocol, as part of our Emergency Closure Contingency Plan.

The purpose of the drill was to better position our school going into the election period, in the event that traffic, congestion, and road closures make access to the school challenging or inaccessible.

As a general reminder, the school will be closed for an extended Columbus Day recess, the day before, the day of, and the day after the October 10th election.

Yesterday, the staff and I had a productive meeting; we reviewed our Emergency Closure Learning Protocols and developed Common Procedures for posting, both to student and parent accounts.

Going forward, for any scheduled school days that the school exercises our emergency closure procedures, classes will go ”online”, and parents (and students) will be able to see the assignments given on those days, by 10:00am, in 4 ways.

  1. Message
  2. “To do list”
  3. Grades
  4. Calendar

Please find below screen shots from the parent access page, to assist you in monitoring your students’ progress:

Step #1: Go to Messages

Step #2: To do list:

Note: From here, if you wish to send a teacher a message, you may do so.

Step 3: Grades

This is a third way to see any assignments that are posted for the emergency closure day.

Please note: Some assignments may be blank, as students may not have turned in the work yet, or teachers may not have had the opportunity to provide assessment feedback.

Step 4:  Calendar

The final way to check you students’ assignments is the calendar. You may choose a weekly view, or monthly view.

Once again, on behalf of the faculty and staff, we wish to thank you for your effort in working with us to support your students’ learning. To date, 85% of parents and students combined have logged in to our new online communication system. 100% of parents in Grades 5, 7, and 8 have logged in. 100% of students in Grades 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 have logged in.

On a final note, next week will be the final week of our After School Activity Program, until after the election period.  Starting on October 2nd, all students will be dismissed at 3:30, so we have one point of egress for our students. The ASAP program will restart at the conclusion of the election cycle, and run (with the program schedule unchanged) until our “Winter” break.

Have a great afternoon.


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