The American International School of Monrovia Liberia

Director’s Message

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year and the new website of the American International School of Monrovia.

We are happy you are here and we hope that you enjoy learning more about our school. As we continue to grow, we will continuously update the website to reflect our development. AISM, formerly known as the American Cooperative School, has a rich history on the continent that dates as far back as the late 1960’s. The school was formed as a partnership between the American Embassy and the Liberian Community. AISM has been a stable educational institution that has provided a safe and nurturing environment for students for generations. We continue to expand the school and build on this solid foundation.

Our aim at AISM is to provide a safe place where students develop life long skills that reflect the critical and rapidly changing world we live in. We believe that AISM students are:

  • Global Citizens
  • 21st Century Learners
  • Caring Individuals

AISM is proud to be in partnership with AERO! AERO (American Education Reaching Out) is a project supported by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and the Overseas Schools Advisory Council to assist schools in developing and implementing standards-based curricula. This partnership along with integrated technology forms the framework for a rich pedagogy at AISM. When pedagogy is at its best, teachers and students learn and work together to achieve learning goals. At the American International School of Monrovia, our teachers are committed to engaging students and forming partnerships that propel and motivate our students.

Thank you for visiting Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Kind regards,

Dr.Bobbi McDaniel
Director – American International School of Monrovia

Dr.Bobbi McDaniel