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“Crises provide an opportunity for people to come to know one another and establish bonds that will endure long after the crisis is over.”

AISM Virtual Honeybees,

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening!

As we exit our much needed (and reflective) Spring Break, I thank you all for living our mission and for working and supporting our students “together”, in this messy ambiguous worldly time. Like Honeybees, you have made new connections, with deeper meanings and tough calls through it all. I wish you had a truly replenishing and renewing Spring Break, as I share some of the progress we made during the Spring Break Recess in supporting our work together on behalf of your students:

  • The responses we have received from our Virtual Learning Level II Parent Survey, before the break, show that the underlying messages we heard could be summarized in the following words: exhausted, grateful, unsure, connected, challenged, hopeful, overwhelmed, and surprised!
  • As we end our Spring Break, here we are … Messy! … but connected, determined, working hard to stay healthy and sane, and learning and supporting one another. As David Kessler, author of The Sixth Stage of Grief stated during a recent interview on the BBC: “The whole world is grieving now, whether we know it or not, because we are losing the world as we knew it” and he encourages us “to name this grief, and be here for one another with kindness, and understanding, as everyone is fighting battles we know nothing about.” He reminded us that “we must stay in the present moment, and to take control over what we can control.”
  • One situation that became clear during the break, something that we could not control, but clearly support, is students returning to their home countries during this challenging time. We will virtually resume school on Monday, with approximately 50% of our students here in Liberia, and 50% outside the country. However, we know that with our stronger Virtual Learning Protocol, we will be able to meet the needs of all our students, no matter where they are.
  • To that end, we are sending surveys to all our students, over the next week, giving them an opportunity to share the positive factors they are experiencing, the key concerns, difficulties and suggestions, as well as advice for moving forward in our on-learning plan.

Additional AISM “Virtual Resources”

Please note that during the break, the teachers and I worked with our publisher, and now have pdf versions of the following resources to support our students’ learning:

  • Go Math
  • Journeys
  • Science Fusion

Our teachers received this information during the break, so they now have it to plan and potentially use when school resumes virtually on Monday, April 20th.

Please follow the steps sent by email to the community to access each of these virtual textbooks.

After a one-week break, our teachers have prepared some great lessons via distance learning as these resources will help us all work together for our students’ continued growth and success.

Have a good morning, afternoon, or evening…and greetings from the school site. Wishing you a great final weekend before on-line learning resumes next week!