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January 29, 2020

As we prepare to conclude the first month of the new calendar year, and our fifth month of “The Year of the Honeybee”, I would like to take this opportunity – on behalf of both the faculty and staff – to pass along our gratitude to the entire AISM community for working with us to support your students’ learning during this school year.

Once again, the focus of our educational program is NOT based on improving the quantity of students, but rather the quality of their educational program. Last month’s external Middle States Mid-Term Report feedback showed us that we have met that goal, however, we have also discovered that in improving our quality, it has also increased the number of students that we presently have.

This New Year, 2020, brings with it eight new students, and the highest enrollment in our school’s young 12-year history!

One of those students is Ms. Saleena Simonne Trudeau who joined our EYP program this month. When I first arrived and joined the American International School of Monrovia’s Community in August of 2012, many parents told me that as a single Director, with no children, “I just did not understand the parents’ side.” Well, now, in my eighth and final year here at AISM, that (happily!) is one sentence I will not hear again!

Please be aware – we DON’T want to be the biggest, we just want to be the BEST! We are simply a small school doing BIG things! In working to be the best, and with a concentrated focus on a strong quality program, we have been able to attract (and keep!) top quality educators. Over the last several years, these teachers have built a successful educational program, and improved student conduct and school spirit. They have helped establish a pleasant and academically challenging individualized learning environment.

Indeed, it is my honor to announce that 90% of these educators will be returning next year to support learning here at the American International School of Monrovia. As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Two things rob people of their piece of mind: work unfinished and work yet begun.” Simply put … our educators feel that they have more work to do in helping your students learn, not just for this present semester, but for the next school year as well.

As Director over the last seven plus years, I have been … and as a community, we are all fortunate in having excellent educators. This month, as my daughter enters the school, I am even more appreciative, “as a parent”, of the educational program that we have put in place here at AISM!

Have a great afternoon,