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Happy New Year from AISM!

As we begin 2020, The AISM Scholastic Book Club is joining our school effort of continual school improvement, while learning from our past success to identify an even more effective way to support your students’ quest for reading.

This year, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing all of the ordering of your students’ books directly from the comfort of your computer, as we have adopted a “virtual bookshop.” Please note that the new system is also cash-free; all purchases are done via Credit or Debit Card!

The American International School of Monrovia’s “bookshop” will be open from this afternoon, until Tuesday, February 4th, with orders expected a week later, just in time for Valentines’ Day!

The estimated time to set up an account will be around five minutes. However, after the initial set up, all future orders will be as simple as entering your username and password.

Thank you for continuing to promote the love of reading here at AISM, and please take some time to visit our “all-new American International School of Monrovia bookshop” with your students, over the next 10 days.

Once again for every $1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, the school will earn 20¢ in Scholastic Rewards.

Please click here to browse the latest books and order online.

Step-by-step instructions are below and show that the new system is so seamless that even our Director can use it. If you have any questions please contact Lovetta at lovettaqualah@aismonrovia.com

Instructions below (8 simple steps):

1. Identify the book or books you and your students feel would be a great match:

2. Add to Cart:

3. Check Out:

4. Dispatch order to school:

5. Add Student Details:

6. Add the address you will use for your CREDIT CARD payment. Once again, our goal is to order from the computer, and not do payment at the school, for greater convenience and efficiency.

7. Create a password:

8. Choose Payment Option:

Sorry … I will not be sharing this information on the payment screen.

Then the stage is set for the order to be delivered to the school.

Mission Accomplished!

Note: the next order, once the account is set up, will be even easier and more convenient, for both you and your student, for our March Scholastic Order.

Happy Shopping and we look forward to getting some great books into the hands of your students a week or so after the February 4th deadline!

The AISM Scholastic Book Club

Find the right books for your child!