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RE: MSA Mid-Term Report Completed and Accepted.

Happy New Year from AISM!

As we begin 2020, it is a great time to reflect on the nature of our past successes while we continue to strive toward a collective future.

The journey of the American International School of Monrovia has been a resilient one of continual school improvement, along with positive student growth and achievement. From the school’s re-opening in 2007, on the historic site of the American Cooperative School of Monrovia, with just over 30 students and 5 classrooms, to our present 122 students and 20+ classrooms, we have had phenomenal growth and unparalleled community support.

This has been demonstrated most recently with our successful Middle States Association Mid-Term Accreditation Report that was submitted at the end of November, marking our third year of quality, U.S.-Accredited, instruction.

As per Middle States Association (full letter on the Website, under “Accreditation”):

“This is to confirm that the Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools has received, reviewed and accepted the Mid-Term Report completed for The American International School of Monrovia. The report was found to be complete, thorough and exciting as it provides evidence of faithful implementation of your plan for growth and improvement. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable information.

Congratulations on your team’s actions to use the analysis of student assessments (MAP and teacher grades) to monitor and adjust flexible instructional groups to meet the needs of each student. Your documentation clearly indicates the progress made and hopefully inspires continued progress. The work identified on completing and updating curriculum documents is commendable. Keep up the great work on curriculum as there is no end to continuous improvements in developing and delivering a quality instructional program.

Your report is noteworthy and exemplifies an extraordinary commitment to quality education for your students and staff. Congratulations on outstanding work!”

The letter continues …“The school is accredited until May 1, 2023. We will contact you in the spring of 2021 to initiate a new accreditation process. Best wishes as you continue to provide your students with every opportunity to realize their maximum potential.”

Now, with the stage set, and both our student’s and organizational objectives and goals solidified until 2023, it is the perfect time for the American International School of Monrovia to transition to my successor, Dr. Bobbi McDaniel, who will join our community at the start of the next school year.

My family and I are fortunate that we will transition to another great school, the International School of Ouagadougou (ISO), that will be completing its Middle States re-accreditation Self-Study report this year. That will also lay out, as we have done with our Mid-Term report, the school’s priorities and goals. Moreover, it will help assist my transition to ISO, while also allowing me, as their next school Director, to begin with confidence the next chapter in their 40+ year history.

These accreditations and authorizations indeed symbolize a full school effort to raise our standards of academic excellence. However, the measure of our successes lies not only in whether or not we achieved these “end goals”, but also, more importantly, in “how we got here.” I continue to stand proud of our AISM community. As our MSA Mid-Term Report underlines it, it is a community that faces all challenges with great optimism, a deep faith in one another, and a quest for learning that has become the hallmark of our great AISM family.

We look forward, with this external acceptance of our accreditation Mid-Term Report, to strongly continuing our Plan for Growth and Improvement. This MSA evaluation highlights that we have all shared the responsibility, over the years, of building an even better American International School of Monrovia. As we start 2020, the community is ready to continue to ensure that AISM remains firmly on its path of going from “Good to Great!”

Have a Great Afternoon, and once again, Happy New Year! Please enjoy the full Middle States Association Mid-Term Report acceptance letter that is attached and provides some great inspiration to help start our new year!