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AISM “Year of the Honey Bee” School Community,

Return from Winter Holidays.

#1: JUPITER ONLINE VIRTUAL LEARNING DAY – January 6th/Anticipated Traffic Congestion affecting access to AISM Campus.

On our first day back from our Winter Vacation, the American International School of Monrovia will hold a Virtual School Day Learning Drill. This exercise is normally done during the first part of the school year. However, the “Year of the Honey Bee” had a dramatic increase in our student population, and our team has been focused on working directly with our growing school community.

On Monday, our first day back for the second part of the school year, school will be held virtually, allowing both students and parent to use our Jupiter Ed virtual learning platform that we first deployed in August of 2017. We will use this drill to “learn how to learn” using the portal.

This platform was put in place in the event that traffic congestion and delays during the 2017 election period made transport to the school challenging and/or unfeasible. We are aware of potential events on Monday, January 6th, and there may be heavy traffic in the downtown area of Monrovia, possibly creating significant traffic delays in accessing the school campus.

Monday, therefore, we will suspend school and we will not hold formal classes. The Crisis Management Team and I have been in touch, prior to my return this afternoon, and have deemed that holding school on campus would not be appropriate. Hence, we will have a virtual learning day. As part of this protocol, teachers will post their online activities on Jupiter, by 10:00am. (Virtual Learning Protocol Below)

One final note: the school office will be open on Monday and we will be sending out the Cafe Royal Hot Lunch program. Students already enrolled in the program will have till January 10th to make payments; students who wish to join, please advise both Lovetta and the Cafe Royal, emails provided above.

We anticipate being back in school on Tuesday, January 7th at 8:15.

Note: This information will also be sent by SMS, Whatsapp, and Jupiter (to students and parents) tomorrow.

“See you” virtually on Monday, and in person on Tuesday.

Directions below, and on the website at https://www.aismonrovia.com/safety-manuals/.