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AISM Community,
September 13, 2019
RE: Conclusion of Week #3

Greetings from The Gambia! As some of you may, or may not know, I arrived yesterday to provide support to The American International School of Banjul. The year (like our school), the Director, Board of Trustees, Faculty and greater school community are gearing up to do their Mid -Term Accreditation Report with the Middle States Association of colleges and schools (MSA). I am here to assist, both the Board of Trustees and the Director, to make sure that the school is meeting the 12 quality indicators established by the Middle States Accreditation protocol.

My aim in the work I am doing here in Banjul is to provide an external and objective look at the four standards of quality and student achievement that, under the MSA protocol, the Board directly supports:

  • School Foundation and Documents.
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Finance
  • Facilities

I will start my facilitation of this process this afternoon and conclude it tomorrow evening; I will be back to Monrovia on Sunday. I am looking forward to a great week ahead, as we conclude the first month of teaching and learning during The Year of the Honey Bee.

While I am off site, I do have a few news and notes to pass along:

#1. Teacher on Family Leave: As our Upper School students and parents are already aware, Ms. Johnson has been out this week, and will return next week. She had a family emergency and had to return to the United States early this week. During her absence from the American International School of Monrovia, we are very fortunate to have Ms. Jennifer Oestreicher, who worked with us for the last two years in our ECE program, return to provide support. Both “Ms. O” and Ms. Sara Feinman (who presently works with our Upper School students – Math Flex) will be providing coverage during Ms. Johnson’s unexpected absence. We are fortunate they both have a working knowledge of our students and programs and have been able to provide seamless coverage. Ms. Johnson is expected to be back next Thursday, September 19th.

#2. Arrival of two new students to AISM: This week we were pleased to welcome two new students to our school in our EYP division. EYP is our “Early Years Program” that is now in its third year. Our first cohort is now in our ECE III class, and after an early review of the first ECE III MAP test, we have seen that our first cohort, as a group, have exceeded Kindergarten norms. Our EYP division has clearly “set them up for success” for Kindergarten and beyond.

#3. Student-Led MAP Goal Setting Meetings: Now that most of our students have completed their MAP test, we will set up our Student-Led Goal Setting meetings. More information about Student-Led Goal Setting meetings will be sent out early next week.

#4. “Meet the teachers afternoon” will be held on Friday, September 27th, from 3:00 – 4:00. For parents new to our community, we have shifted most of our school’s evening events to Friday afternoons. As a community, we have identified that evening traffic has made it increasingly challenging for parents to access the school campus to come to school events. We, therefore, have shifted most of our school’s presentations at times that allow you to come out and directly support your students and their efforts here at AISM.
Have a great weekend; I am looking forward to my return after a quick and productive trip, and to seeing everybody next week, as we close out the first month of school


Have a great afternoon