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AISM Community,

The Year of the Honey Bee – Second Week News and Notes:

A. Child Safety/Protection Development Days
B. Jupiter System Test: Homeroom Teachers Today – Specialists Tomorrow
C. MAP Testing
D. Hot Lunch for September
E. Scholastic Book Orders
F. After School Activities Program (ASAP)
G. Board of Trustees Reconstitution

A. Child Safety/Protection

Last week, we invited Dr. Dennis Larkin to our school to work directly with our Faculty/Staff and Support Team on the issue of Child Safety and Protection. In recent years, International Schools across the world have been providing significant leadership in promoting this important topic in their school communities. As an Accredited International School, the American International School of Monrovia, by extension, implements, reviews and provides a comprehensive child protection program.
Dr. Dennis Larkin, as the former Board Chair of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) helped establish the framework of our region’s Child Protection Policies. As per the acknowledgement of the 2013 original edition of this handbook:


Dr. Larkin provided two workshops last Thursday and Friday afternoons.

  • The first workshop targeted our support staff, security team, vendors, and other members of our team who support our community.
  • The second workshop, on Friday afternoon, allowed our team to solidify the work that we began during Dr. Larkin’s first workshop for our Faculty and Staff in 2016. As per the feedback from Middle States, after that visit:
  • The school submitted a copy of the Board approved Child Protection Policy along with documentation to support implementation of the policy with school staff. The school engaged the expertise of a consultant to assist in this work and is to be commended for the efforts in place to ensure all students and staff received needed information as well as the knowledge and skills to respond to child protection practices.

Like Honey Bees, our educational team members continue to work together for the construction and maintenance of our community. All of us, like the well-organized family groups of honey bees, need to know our specific responsibilities, along with the specific steps and actions to ensure children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.

B. Jupiter System Test: Homeroom Teachers Today – Specialists Tomorrow

This afternoon, our homeroom teachers will be sending a message to our parents to ensure you have access to our Jupiter online learning portal to both monitor your students’ progress, and to communicate with our teachers. If you do not get a message from your homeroom teacher this afternoon, please email Ms. Viola Johnson at violajohnson2@aismonrovia.com.

Tomorrow afternoon, our specialists – Music, Art, PE, Foreign Language – will be testing the system to ensure quality communication.

C. MAP Testing

This week we will continue our MAP testing to understand our students’ strengths and areas to focus on in Math and Reading. Please note that this is not a test you can study for, but rather a flexible and adaptive diagnostic test that measures your students’ progress. The best way to “prepare” for this test is to have a healthy meal and a good night’s rest. The test not only measures your students’ academic level, but also their level of engagement: if students are not focused or “answering quickly”, the test will alert us, as will the standard deviation.

D. Hot Lunch for September:

Thank you to all the parents who proactively signed up for lunch, either here at school or at the Royal Hotel. It is not too late to sign up for our Hot Lunch Program; the menus and sign-up forms are on the school website. You may return them to the Front Office or the Royal Hotel.

E. Scholastic Book Orders

Information on the Scholastic Book Order will be sent home under a separate cover from Lovetta. The deadline for our first order will be September 10th.

F. After School Activities Program (ASAP)

Presently, there are 20+ offering in the ASAP package for Trimester I. The package will be sent home (electronically) tomorrow. This will provide you with a night to discuss the various options with your students. On Thursday, at 5:00pm (17:00), the sign-up genius link will be sent out; an SMS text message will alert you when the link goes “live.”

G. Board of Trustees Reconstitution

During the Month of September, the Board of Trustees will be reconstituting and establishing both their goals and committees in carrying out its important duties in service of the school’s mission and its future. The Board of Trustees’ Mission Statement is “Academic Excellence, Economic Stability and Long-Term School Viability.”

The Board of Trustees focuses on strategic issues and on the long-term well being of the school, while the responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the school is the responsibility of the Director. The Board of Trustees presently has one application for the present vacant parent position for this year’s Board of Trustees. Please note that the term of all Trustees is two years, as per our by-laws, which allows for Board Succession planning.

If you have an interest in serving on the AISM Board of Trustees, in the role of Parent Representative, please contact the Board Secretary at boardsecretary@aismonrovia.com. The deadline for additional parents to express their interest will be Friday at noon, so that the Board can reconstitute and begin their work in service to our community.