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AISM Parents,

As we start our first week of school, we are doing our final steps in establishing both our communication system and our common practices. To that end:

  • We did a test of our SMS system at 17:05 today. If you did not get an SMS, please advise Lovetta at the email above and provide your phone number. If you have already provided your phone number and did not get an SMS, please let us know so we can verify if our system is compatible with your phone.
  • Tomorrow, after a successful workshop with over 30 of the school’s support personnel this afternoon, we will hold our second Child Safety and Protection workshop with our faculty and staff. Students will have an early dismissal at 12:45, so that our teaching team can hold their final Teacher planning workshop to assist our community of learners during the Year of the Honey Bee.

Pictures from our support personnel professional development are below.