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On our first day of “The Year of the Honey Bee,” I would like to thank both our new and returning parents for their symbiotic support to our educational ecosystem.

As Director, I am pleased to announce that this year we plan to welcome 35 new students to our hive of learners. During “The Year of the Honey Bee” we will have students from 16 nationalities allowing us to provide both a diverse community and a unique culture here at the American International School of Monrovia.

This afternoon, I have asked your students’ homeroom teachers to reach out to you by email, so you have both class information, along with their school email account.
Teacher profile and class information will be on our updated website which will go live on September 1st. Presently some 25 of our students can now access that website directly on their Chromebooks at www.aismonrovia.com. For more information about our Chromebook program, please contact Ms. Serdia Holcombe at serdiaholcombe@aismonrovia.com

Since the teachers will be checking in with you directly this afternoon, I just have three notes to pass along:

A. Final Day of Faculty Professional Development. Friday, August 30th. (Student Dismissal at 12:45) As discussed during our new student orientation, (and now with our full community) this Friday (August 30th) we will have child safety/protection training for all faculty and staff. This session will be externally facilitated by Dr. Dennis Larkin, the former Director of the Lincoln School in Accra, a leader in this field who also has a keen understanding of the West Africa cultural context.

Second Reminder: Students will be dismissed on Friday at 12:45pm. This will allow our Faculty to work with Dr. Larkin to review and update our protocols during both our very first week of school, and our mid-term accreditation year.

B. If you haven’t been receiving text messages, please advise Lovetta at Lovettakaryeah@aismonrovia.com

C. Please note, that around 5% of our parents’ phone system does not have access to SMS due to internal configuration issues. We therefore request that all parents, in the event of SMS delivery issues, also use our secondary communication system, “Whatsapp.”

To join the AISM Parents Whatsapp group, please contact Lovetta at Lovettakaryeah@aismonrovia.com

Final note for Upper School students in Grades 6 – 10. Tomorrow the Foreign Language Team will send home a form asking about which second language your student, and you, wish them to study this year. This form needs to be signed by you and approved by both the World Language Teacher and myself, as Director.

The Upper School offerings include Spanish as a second language. French will be offered this year in three “flex” groups, along with Arabic for students who have parents as native speakers.

Best wishes for a great afternoon, after a great launch of our school year!!