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American International School of Monrovia
Administration Mission Statement:

“Academic Excellence, Economic Security, and Long Term School Viability”

On Thursday and Friday of last week, we had two visitors from the Office of Overseas Schools. Both of these visitors joined us “on site” to assist our teachers, community members, key stakeholders and I, with the mission statement that we have for the long-term success of the American International School of Monrovia:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Economic Stability
  • Long-Term School Viability

On the Academic side, as the attached Measure of Student Progress shows, our students’ growth knows no bounds. The MAP results for this school year show our students’ growth per grade level and RIT scores, compared with that of schools in the United States, Africa (AISA) and other schools supported by the office of overseas schools. (A/OS)

However, with a highly transient student population, and a rapidly advancing school year, our teachers were able to take a well-timed break before embarking full steam ahead into the third trimester. Ms. Katie Fowle worked with our veteran AISM teaching team to help in the areas of:

  • Classroom management strategies and play-based learning practices.
  • Building an inclusive classroom community with activities and routines
  • Even furthering our use of MAP data to better assist in personalized student learning

In addition, Ms. Fowle was able to provide “a pause” for our teachers to reflect on their practices and identify other areas of focus to assist our team with working with our ever-changing student demographics.

Ms. Fowle is an experienced educator with a Masters Degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction. She has worked in overseas schools from Lagos to Djibouti, to Ulaanbaatar, and most recently in Jakarta. She is also the mother of two beautiful daughters who have been raised in an extremely rich cultural context provided by diverse overseas school communities. At last count, Ms. Fowle and her family have been to five different postings and schools.

Ms. Fowle was joined by Mr. Tomas P Shearer, the Director of the Office of Overseas Schools, who oversees, with his team, over 190 State Department-supported school sites throughout the world. Mr. Shearer is originally an Educator and Administrator from the State of Washington, but spent his formative years as Director of the American International School of Lagos (right next door), and is, on a personal level, familiar with the challenges that American International schools in our region face.

One of Mr. Shearer’s goals in helping to support schools, like AISM, is to offer support to school governing boards and school administration, as well as providing continuous professional staff development. Mr. Shearer also provides an on-going evaluation of school programs, and continuous counsel and advice in developing adequate financial reserves to ensure the school’s long-term viability.

Indeed the visit of Ms. Fowle and Mr. Shearer at the end of last week gave us a great learning opportunity, not just for our teachers, and myself, but also for our entire school community. Professional reflection and development are always a great way to start a Trimester!

Notes: This Saturday from 11:00 – 5:00 – The 7th annual PTA “Big Fun Fair”