The Purpose of Quality Assessment is to help students learn! And teachers … Teach!


I have used this quote for the last six years… as most of you know, I love it! The quote comes from the Northwest Evaluation Association, which helps us implement the “Measures of Academic Progress” (MAP) test.

However, in order …. to help students learn, and teachers teach …. the results of the test must be “valid” and reliable.

Yesterday, some Lower School students started in their new “multi-age mastery-based flexible groups.” However, today, around six students, under my direction, took a “retest”, as I evaluated the results, and determined that the first test was invalid.

This occurred for several reasons:

  • Standard Deviation Error: Students were outside of the standard deviation for the testing session.
  • Insufficient time spent on the assessment ….

Both of these are indicators of student disengagement from the test. This is shown below (for the first time) in the Director’s “screenshot.”

Student Disengagement is also recorded. Usually, all three of these factors go “hand in hand” in making the test invalid. All invalid assessments are discarded and retaken, so that we can be sure that we are meeting your students “where they are.”

The Lower School Multi-Age Mastery-Based Flexible Groupings are almost complete, and the “re-tests” will be completed today. The goal is to allow us to provide our school community with the final results, along with our school norms, by Friday.

If you have any questions – as these are not the types of assessments we took in school – please let your student’s homeroom teacher know.

Finally… the first test is just a baseline. It is the actual student growth over time that we measure. This first test is just to advise us on how we, as teachers, and your students, as learners, are doing since the start of the school year.

As per the example below, once we recognized that this “new” student’s reading was below the U.S. Norms, our teaching team put together an “action plan” to help bring them up to the U.S. average. By having a baseline to work with, and by measuring growth over time, we can individualize our approach for each student.

Once all of your students’ testing is valid, then we will lock the results, and send them home. Our goal is to do this on Friday, by the end of the day.

Have a great and dry afternoon.


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