Board Mission Statement

Academic Excellence, Economic Security,
and Long-Term School Viability

The American International School of Monrovia Board of Trustees, in active partnership with the community, shall provide an academically excellent, economically secure, safe and nurturing environment. The Board of Trustees’ goal is long-term school viability for all students, through a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes basic education, while meeting and exceeding international standards, and challenging each student to build on natural abilities and develop skills to be a life-long learner.

Please be aware that this past weekend, the Board of Trustees completed a two-day retreat in which we focused on individual trustees and overall Board responsibilities. The core goals of the weekend retreat was not just to focus on the “here” and “now”, but also having the unique responsibilities as a Trustee to hold the school’s future viability “in trust.”

Last year’s Board of Trustees discovered that the challenges and demands of trusteeship are considerable, and so are the rewards: being part of an honorable enterprise, realizing the power of collaboration, and enjoying the satisfaction of service.

On a personal note, I wish, on behalf of our entire school community, to thank Mr. David Kol for his service last year, as Chair of our Board of Trustees. Under his stewardship, the school had its first balanced budget, along with its lowest tuition increase since the Health Crisis of 2014. I am pleased to announce that Mr. Kol will continue his selfless service to the Board this year, and will put all his focus in the Finance Committee.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce this year’s 9-member Board of Trustees. On behalf of our entire school community, I thank you for your service.

The Board of Trustees worked seamlessly this weekend, to ensure that the American International School of Monrovia is able to deliver its core mission of Academic Excellence, Economic Security, and Long-Term School Viability.

As per our retreat facilitator, Dr. Dennis Larkin, and as most returning parents are already aware, our academic program and overall school operation is strong. As such, the Board’s focus this year will be on ensuring both the long-term viability of the school, and improving our institution’s overall financial health, which is still recovering from our half-year Government-mandated closure in 2014.

At the end of the two-day 13.5-hour retreat, one newly appointed Board member said: “this was really good. I thought… another retreat… oh no! This is going to be another touchy-feely team retreat. This was only ‘kind of’ touchy-feely; it was mostly a practical training that will help us have a successful year, and help the school continue its development.”

The Board looks forward to meeting with all community stakeholders in the very near future.

Upcoming Events:

Today, September 4th, 2018:
A. Our After School Activity Program Begins. Luckily, all activities are inside today.
B. The start of the school Hot Lunch Program provided by Hotel Royal.

Jeff Trudeau, on behalf of the 2018 Board of Trustees.

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Old Road, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia, Africa | P.O. Box 1625 | Phone: 231-777-818-775

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