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The year of the Mountain Zebra
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The 2017-2018 School Year at The American International School of Monrovia

AISM Community, Prospective Parents, Partners and Friends …

It is hard to believe how quickly time flies, as I start my sixth year here at the American International School of Monrovia, and my 25th year in International Education.

AISM is a unique community, with a unique history that I am indeed very fortunate to be a part of.  The school (and its historical campus) is a vital part of the country of Liberia’s reconstruction efforts, after a period of civil war and the Ebola Crisis of 2014. As her Excellency, the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirelaf wrote in May of 2006, authorizing the reactivation of the school:

“As you know, the Government of Liberia considers the re-opening of the American International School of Monrovia an important demonstration of confidence in the future of our country.”  She went on to write: “The resumption of school activities at AISM would also remedy a major constraint on the repatriation of Liberian Professionals who want to return home with their families and children.
It is with great confidence, and with great purpose, that AISM brings in our10th year of operation, the return of a quality, and fully accredited program (Middle States) International Education program to our historic school site.

This is AISM!!!

Who we are!

The American International School of Monrovia receives support from the U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Schools. The goal of this support is to ensure that we are able to offer “an accredited international school, which provides a meaningful, rigorous American curriculum in a global context.”

The American International School of Monrovia is one of 193 schools in the world, and one of 41 schools in Africa that receives financial assistance from the Office of Overseas Schools. The purpose of this assistance is to ensure that the families of U.S. Government employees have access to high-quality schools throughout the world. Here at AISM, this support, as well as “support in kind” benefit our entire community equally, not just our American students.  Presently, we have students from 23 different nationalities studying at AISM.

Counting AISM, there are 41 US supported international schools in Africa (full list here: https://www.state.gov/m/a/os/c58172.htm). Like us, they provide a high quality, American-Accredited education that is both American and International in context, by using a curriculum that is standards-based. These standards are intended for international contexts and diverse student populations, but they also align with the common core standards, which are currently used in more than 40 states. This means that skills and concepts that students learn at AISM would be very similar to what they would learn in other Office of Overseas Supported Schools, and in the U.S. through common core.
“This school year, as others, will allow for the continued expansion of our individualized student-centered approach.  As a staff we will continue to maneuver to best meet each student’s needs. We want to continue to ensure that if anyone asks about transferring to Liberia, we can all tell them: “don’t worry, your children will get an excellent education.”

Jeff Trudeau
AISM Director

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