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General Admission Guidelines

The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin, and seeks to accept all qualified students who apply. Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. All applications to the school must be accompanied by previous educational records, any appropriate medical records, and proof of age. Students are admitted to AISM after parents complete the necessary Admission Form that includes the students’ former report cards. Admittance is subject to final approval by the Director and/or Admission Committee.

  • Students who are entering the Early Childhood Education and the Early Years Programs must provide the school with vaccination records.
  • All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs. Students with mild physical, mental, emotional, or learning disabilities may be admitted if, in the Director’s judgment, adequate provision and /or special programs can be made. Fees for any special materials, supplies, and/or additional instruction may be required and will be the responsibility of the parent. These fees are in addition to the regular tuition fees.
  • The school is presently not staffed to meet the needs of children with severe to moderate learning disabilities, physical or mental disabilities, or emotional problems. These students will not be admitted to the school. A child will not be admitted if they require Individualized Education Program that our present staff is not able to fully and adequately meet.
  • Students who have a record of disciplinary problems will not be admitted, and current students can be dismissed for similar reasons as per school policy.
  • The admittance of children from the diplomatic community will take precedence over children of non-diplomats, when the class limit of twenty has been reached.
  • Students who come from a local Liberian institution (on a different academic calendar) will be evaluated over a two-month period. At the conclusion of this time period, a determination will be made as to the placement of the child and the acceptance of credits from the previous school. The children will be placed in the appropriate grades based on their age and academic level.
  • The medium of instruction at AISM is English. In order for students to progress academically, they must be able to communicate in the English language. Parents of students who are admitted with an English proficiency below what is needed in class may be asked to provide additional tutorial support after school.
  • All children whose native language is not English and who are older than 6 years may be required to take oral and written English examinations to determine whether they can be admitted. Admission may, in any case, be probationary and may be dependent on the child receiving extra assistance in an English as a Second Language program.
  • Students may be accepted on the basis of a trial period. This period will not to exceed two months.

Placement/Ages of Attendance
Placement in all classes will be made by the Director on the basis of the child’s previous educational record, the assessment of the School, and by age. The initial placement is tentative and the school may reassess the child’s placement after the child’s abilities have been thoroughly observed in class, or through additional testing.
Children entering AISM will generally be placed according to their age.

The following grade level placements are in effect concerning admission to AISM:

AISM Grade Level

Age **
EYP 3 or 4 years old
ECE III/Kindergarten 5 years old
Grade 1 6 years old
Grade 2 7 years old
Grade 3 8 years old
Grade 4 9 years old
Grade 5 10 years old
Grade 6 11 years old
Grade 7 12 years old
Grade 8 13 years old
Grade 9 14 years old
Grade 10 15 years old

**Note that the student must have the corresponding age on or prior to October 30TH, the year they enter AISM.

Process for Admission

When a student formerly enrolled at an International School or U.S. Private/Public school applies for admission to AISM, the following procedure will be followed:

1. Application and admission test may take place. These admission tests will include English vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling and writing, along with mathematics.

2. The Director may involve other professional staff in reviewing admission data.

3. When there is any concern about the qualification of the applicant, the potential of the applicant shall be judged in terms of the following kinds of data:
a. Grade point average and specific course grades
b. Continuity of previous education
c. Kind of educational experience
d. Evidence of emotional stability or maturity
e. Test scores from previous tests or AISM placement tests
f. Former teacher and/or administrator comments
g. References

4. The capacity of AISM to meet the needs of the applicant shall be judged in relation to:
a. Breadth of curriculum
b. Depth of curriculum
c. Extent of student services available
d. Limitation of School facilities

5. Students who do not speak English shall be evaluated in the following ways:
a. All students who do not speak English will be admitted once they have been evaluated as prescribed in previous sections of this policy.

6. Students with special needs may apply for enrollment, but parents of these students should be aware that AISM does not have a special needs program and/or department (See previous sections):
a. Admission for special needs students will be limited to mild needs only.
b. All special needs students will be required to provide previous I.E.Ps (Individual Educational Plans), formal medical evaluations, and all previous records to be reviewed by the Admission committee/Director.
c. All special needs students will be placed on a conditional enrollment for one to two months. At the end of this period, the Director will reassess the enrollment for the term.