The Year of the Wildebeest

Director’s Message No. 250

November 5, 2018 Trimester 1 Conclusion/MAP Testing/After School Activity Program AISM Community, November comes in like a “Wildebeest,” and exits like a “Wildebeest”. It is hard to believe that next week, on Friday, November 16th, one third of our school year will be...

Director’s Message No. 249

AISM Community! We are getting ready for our Wednesday, October 31st, Festivities. Please see the Halloween/Fall Festival program below! It is “refrigerator-worthy”, so feel free to print it out and stick it on the Fridge. Also, an important note, especially for those...

Director’s Message No. 248

“Are we preparing our students for our future, or theirs?” After completing the Association of International Schools in Africa workshop/retreat in Dakar, this is still my favorite quote from the conference. I am pleased to announce that I was able to accomplish the...

Director’s Message No. 247

RE: Trudeau on Travels. Quarterly Parent Drop-In: Wednesday Afternoon. AISM Community, During the “Year of the Wildebeest", our school continues to change, adapt, and support one another to best meet our students’ needs. Like the "Wildebeest", we can thrive in the...

Director’s Message No. 246

AISM Community, RE: AISM Character Code: This Year, The Year of the Wildebeest, AISM is pleased to recognize “TENACITY” as our Character Code attributes for inspiring rigorous self-learning and ethical values. As Michelle Borba states: “Character Education is woven...

Director’s Message No. 245

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength but through perseverance.” RE: October 18, 2018: “11 years and 10 days ago .... AISM Turned Eleven!" AISM Community, It is hard to believe how quickly time flies, as...

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